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Christopher Zinn
Christopher Zinn

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Christopher Zinn

I am in the emerging marketplace of consumer empowerment in which technology and other shifts help push the balance of power away from the producer/retailer and towards the consumer.


In campaigns and work with partners  I aim to make more consumers aware of their power, group them together to aggregate their energy in markets and where relevant push for pro-consumer choice and changes.


My background is in journalism, advocacy and geography.




Consumer news &views

What I’m doing now and clearly declaring an interest aligned I will argue with many consumers too:



CEO Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association representing comparison services such as Compare The Market, iSelect and others as well as corporate brokers who all help deliver great value to consumers in this market.


Consumer board representative on CCNSW Crematoria and Cemeteries NSW the regulator in the state for the interment sector. After five years on the board I have learned a great deal about the many issues surrounding this end of life service.


Various campaigns: Currently assisting Brighter a campaign for greater awareness of the benefits of natural gas as our interests are aligned with consumer choice being restricted by plans to stop connecting new homes to gas.

Write weekly blog on consumer issues for older Australians for The FiftyUp Club which offers group buying for energy and insurances.


Consumer engagement and empowerment
Consumer communications
Media strategy & support
Presentation, pitch and media coaching
Speech writing & presenting, conference MC



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The determined consumer is different. Relatively well-off, opinionated and savvy they seek to get better value… but not at any price
They don’t need the very cheapest but also don’t want to feel wantonly ripped off.
They care about quality and price but don’t have enough time or desire to sort through complex and sometimes conflicting information.
They also understand that being more mindful consumers around what and how they buy can not only benefit them but also their community.
I’m interested in them and sharing their stories because I believe: 
They are around in substantial numbers and the example they set can drive others to change  and become more determined consumers too.
And the more consumers we have who are switched on, dare I say empowered, the more we have a genuine movement of consumers as opposed to a consumer movement.