Ready and open for business

Consumer engagement& empowerment

There’s a marketplace in helping consumers to sit up, take notice and where it is in their benefit to do something. I can work with you to not only get closer to your consumers but also help them take the actions which count.

Consumer communications

It’s amazing how blunt, unnecessary and counter productive so many communications end up being. I have the experience in print and broadcast journalism as well as achievement in the consumer movement to help your comms achieve your aims.

Consumer campaigning

As a former director of campaigns at consumer groups CHOICE and One Big Switch I have the perspective of how to help people take actions to drive change. Too often the word campaigning is hijacked by the sales department. I’ll help you reclaim it.

Media strategy and support

It all comes down to stories. How you recognise them. How you tell them. And how quick you can be. I have worked for and with the media as a journalist and on the other side as the ‘talent’ and strategist. There are now many channels for telling stories but you need to get the story nailed down first


Presentation, pitch & media coaching

It brings me to tears to see too many start ups pitching for investor’s dollars and blow it with swollen, irrelevant or plainly poor presentations. It can be much, much better with a little help and feedback. There’s an over supply of media training by numbers so we seek to provide a bespoke service which is more about you finding your authentic voice and less about parroting ‘messages’.

Speech writing, Presenting & Conference MC

I have long and varied experience in both crafting and delivering a good speech and helping speakers avoid becoming slaves to their PowerPoint. I enjoy the spontaneity of being an MC at events and chairing panels to create some excitement and surprise in the house. I appreciate audiences don’t always remember what you said but they should never forget how you made them feel.